Praktijkcase: Roots Reset A13 gemeente Den Haag

Roots Reset in-depot - Dé oplossing voor het Japanse Duizendknoop probleem in bouwprojecten

Roots Reset succesvol ingezet bij bestrijding van Japanse duizendknoop bij NS Stations

Roots Reset - De enige manier om Japanse duizendknoop volledig te bestrijden

Effectief en volledige bestrijding Japanse duizendknoop door Roots Reset

Meer informatie over Roots Reset

CROW and Sieboldius present: Danger Asian knotweed requires professional approach

As in the UK, problems with Japanese knotweed and other invasive exotic species are growing in the Netherlands. This poses a threat to our green spaces and can lead to halted construction projects and liability for municipalities. It is therefore vital that managers and administrators become aware …

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First shoots above ground

At the time of writing in February 2023, Japanese knotweed has already appeared above ground in several places in the Netherlands! Clearly a month earlier than last year. Japanese knotweed is an invasive plant species that spreads rapidly and affects the biodiversity of ecosystems. It is therefore …

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Japanese knotweed control

Japanese knotweed is an invasive exotic that is becoming increasingly common in our country. The plant can cause enormous damage to the natural environment, infrastructure and buildings. It is therefore very important to control and manage this plant. In this blog post, we give you practical tips …

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The healthy and sustainable alternative to soil steaming

The health of your soil is crucial to the productivity of your crop. It is therefore important to keep your soil as healthy as possible and restore it when problems arise. Biological soil fumigation through Soil Resetting is a technique used to restore soil health and increase productivity. In this …

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Roots Reset: to control Japanese knotweed along watercourse

Control of Japanese knotweed near watercourses is important to protect dykes and embankments. This is because Japanese knotweed is an invasive exotic species that can grow rapidly and displace other plants. This can endanger the erosion resistance of dikes. Its deep roots can also cause …

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The solution is already in the soil

In an extensive interview, Roots Reset, our proven effective method to completely and naturally control invasives such as Japanese knotweed is explained in the magazine Garden and Landscape’s (in Dutch: ‘Tuin en Landschap’)Special on Japanese knotweed. Below are some interesting …

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Soil Resetting in the Trade journal for the floricultural industry

Soil Resetting was mentioned in a recent article in the “Trade journal for the Floricultural Industry” (a Dutch magazine, called Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij). The article discusses, among other things, the development and optimisation of Soil Resetting in the past 10 years, the markets …

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Soilwise - our new brand name and identity

Thatchtec becomes Soilwise®

As of today, the Wageningen-based company Thatchtec is called Soilwise. This new name fits well with the road that Soilwise took two years ago, focusing on innovative biobased products that improve the health and biodiversity of soils. Soilwise offers unique solutions, such as Soil Resetting (for …

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The CleaRoot granulate is spread out and ready to be milled in.

Dutch Forestry Commission uses Roots Reset to control Japanese knotweed

Soilwise has applied its Roots Reset method for the control of Japanese knotweed by order of Staatsbosbeheer (the Dutch Forestry Commission). This took place in the autumn of 2021 in the nature reserve “National Park De Maasduinen”. The method was carried out in cooperation with the …

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Japanese knotweed roots

North Sea Port tackles Japanese knotweed at its roots with Roots Reset

Soilwise, together with green contractor H4A, has used Roots Reset to control Japanese knotweed at North Sea Port in Zeeland. The port authority has many problems with Japanese knotweed on its premises. This invasive plant can cause a lot of damage to infrastructure, such as dikes and roads. It is …

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One of our colleagues presents Roots Reset at one of the treated sites on the Keijenberg in Wageningen at the Probos Knowledge Afternoon Japanese knotweed

Soilwise participates in the practice day Asian knotweeds 2021

On Thursday 16 September, the time had come: the Practical Day on combating Asian knotweeds, organised by the Probos Foundation. The event was well attended by all kinds of interested parties, including employees of municipalities, water boards and green space contractors. At the locations where …

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