Algae & Moss Control

MossKade® is an effective and environmentally friendly product to control mosses and algae, including liverworts and lichens. It is very suitable in the production of horticultural and floricultural crops, as well as for terraces, pavements, and lawns. Growers of potted plants, tree nursery products (container cultivation), perennials and young plants have been using MossKade® successfully for many years. Because of the recent ban on chemical alternatives, MossKade® is the solution for your algae and moss problems. MossKade® is a registered trademark of Hortipro.


Environmentally friendly and natural solution, no chemicals
Long-term effect
Easy to apply
Mosses do not have to be removed manually, reducing labor costs

How does it work?

MossKade® is a biobased aqueous coating composed entirely of plant-based ingredients that form a thin layer. When this coating is sprayed on mosses and algae, gas exchange can no longer occur, causing the mosses and algae to die (thus having a physical mechanism of action).

Unlike plants, liverworts do not have a root and vessel system. Therefore, the MossKade® coating can easily suffocate liverworts and cause them to die, while doing little or no harm to plants or plant material, should it get on the leaves. We always recommend a trial spray.

MossKade® has a much longer duration of action than chemical alternatives. Your surface will therefore remain clean for a long time.

Easy to apply

MossKade® can be used after dilution with water, in the ratio of one part product and ten parts water. For control of common mosses, liverworts and lichens in nurseries, professional spraying equipment is required.

MossKade® works best on active moss. Moss is active at first morning light, when the dew is still on it. Diluted MossKade® is applied generously using a nozzle with a coarse drop (preferably with a Teejet 8005). For optimal effect, the coating should dry over the course of the day. If you are experiencing multiple layers of moss, you may need to repeat the process.

If you are using MossKade® on patios and pavements, then you should thoroughly sweep or spray the diluted coating over the entire surface.

Follow the instructions on the package. For more details on application, please contact our distributor Hortipro.

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