North Sea Port tackles Japanese knotweed at its roots with Roots Reset

Soilwise, together with green contractor H4A, has used Roots Reset to control Japanese knotweed at North Sea Port in Zeeland. The port authority has many problems with Japanese knotweed on its premises. This invasive plant can cause a lot of damage to infrastructure, such as dikes and roads. It is therefore important to prevent the further spread of this plant and to eradicate it once and for all.

Effective control with one treatment
North Sea Port and H4A Groen from Sas van Gent, the Netherlands, have jointly looked at locations in the Port of Rotterdam where Roots Reset treatments have been carried out before. In this area too, the exotic weed is a serious problem. North Sea Port and H4A were not familiar with Roots Reset before but became enthusiastic after seeing the successful results from practice, where Japanese knotweed was completely eradicated with one Roots Reset treatment at several locations.

Roots Reset, the method for effective and sustainable removal of Japanese knotweed in one season

Every situation is tailor-made
The joint analysis beforehand showed that the locations with Japanese knotweed posed several challenges. For instance, the invasive species grew on steep slopes near watercourses and in various places close to the asphalt. This shows that every situation with Japanese knotweed is different, but with the different application techniques of Roots Reset a solution can be found for almost every situation.

Treatment started
In the summer of 2021 Soilwise started up the Roots Reset and the biological process is now in full swing. Soilwise was present here with its own hands-on team to provide guidance and assistance on location. This sustainable way of controlling Japanese knotweed did not go unnoticed by the press either. Omroep Zeeland made a television item about the control on the Axelse Vlakte, see below the fragment with some footage of the work:

Are you also curious about the possibilities of Roots Reset at your location with Japanese knotweed? Please contact us and we will gladly think along with you!