Soil Resetting

Soil Resetting

Natural Soil Disinfestation

Soil Resetting is an effective and environmentally friendly method for soil disinfestation. The added value of this approach is twofold. By enriching the soil with our unique plant-based Herbie mix and covering the soil oxygen-tight, a biological process is initiated that eliminates all kinds of soil-borne diseases and pests including fungi, nematodes, bacteria, insect larvae and various weeds. At the same time, Soil Resetting stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms. This is an excellent basis for a return to healthy soil life and thus better crop growth and higher yields.

The patented Soil Resetting is a superior alternative to steaming, chemical soil fumigation and other traditional disinfection methods that harm soil health. It has been proven effective for more than ten years for growers of vegetables, fruit, flowers, fruit and tree nursery crops, and high-value agricultural crops.


Eliminates various soil-borne diseases and pests
Improves soil health, where chemicals and steaming are harmful to it
More resilient crop and higher yields
All-natural solution of consistent quality
Applicable in conventional and organic production
Long lasting effect
Safe for people, plants and the environment
Easy to apply
I have been a user since the beginning and have been able to grow organically for the past ten years without problems. Soil Resetting ensures a disease-free start, keeps disease pressure low and boosts beneficial soil biology.Read more
Tonnie Vink
General Manager
Wouter Greens, The Netherlands

Eliminates various soil-borne diseases and pests

Fungi, many species such as Fusarium, Verticillium, Sclerotinia and Rhizoctonia
Nematodes, such as Meloidogyne spp., Pratylenchus spp. and many others
Larvae and eggs of insects
Pathogenic bacteria
(Root) weeds
Nematodes Soil Resetting
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Improves Soil Health

A teaspoon of soil contains more living microorganisms than there are people on earth. So, soil is a rich living system and that is how we should treat it. Healthy soil life ultimately ensures higher yields, better quality, and efficient use of nutrients.

Through monoculture or intensive use of chemicals or steaming, many soils have lost their vital biodiversity. Pathogens and pests have a free playground when soil life is disrupted. Soil Resetting restores and improves the health of your soil. It combats diseases and plagues and stimulates the growth of useful micro-organisms, such as Mycorrhizae, Actinomycetes and Saprophytes. This makes the soil naturally rich, vital and resilient for your new crop.
Our breeding and production of Nerines is aimed at disease resistance, resilient cultivation and less use of chemicals. We have always steamed our soil, but this destroys the soil life, while we are striving for a natural resilient soil. Soil Resetting fits in very well with this method of cultivation. It has done its job, the nerines grow well and we have no problems with Pythium.Read more
Kitty de Jong
Agrofleur Select, The Netherlands

How does it work?

With Soil Resetting, the soil is first enriched with our plant-based Herbie granulate, after which the soil is covered oxygen-tight. Herbie is a natural, rich food source for soil microbes. As a result, these microbes grow rapidly and consume all the available oxygen in the soil. Within two days, the oxygen level has dropped below one percent. Then fermentation takes place, and Herbie continues to break down in the absence of oxygen. Gases and substances (such as fatty acids) are released and cause pathogens to die off. Yet after the oxygen barrier is removed, an abundance of beneficial microbes in the soil will start to grow. This improves nutrient uptake and increases crop yield.
Herbie granulate


Our Herbie granulate is a unique, plant-based mixture that nourishes specific beneficial microbes in the soil. Herbie is free of contaminants, pathogens, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). You can choose from different Herbie varieties, so you’ll always have a mix that fits your situation. We also offer a Herbie mix that is approved for use in European organic production and registered with FIBL and other institutions.

The production of the Herbie mixes follows a standardized biotechnological process, so that the product is of consistent quality and safe for humans, crops, and the environment.
We have tested the product extensively under different conditions, over several years, and on various vegetable crops such as tomato, cucumber, bell bell pepper, eggplant, zucchini, baby leaf lettuce, herbs and radish. We have obtained excellent results in controlling a wide range of fungal diseases and plant parasitic nematodes, as well as in increasing yield.Read more
Vincenzo Cavicchi
Marketing Director
CBC BIOGARD® Division Italy, Italy

Soil Resetting for a wide range of crops

Growers of all kinds of crops, such as vegetables, fruits, and flowers, use Soil Resetting to successfully control diseases and pests. Increasingly, growers of young plant material, (fruit) tree nursery products and flower bulbs are also choosing our completely natural soil disinfestation method. In addition, Soil Resetting is a solution for natural substrates and the devastating Panama disease in banana cultivation (caused by the persistent fungus Tropical Race 4).

Last but not least, many organic growers in different parts of the world are using Soil Resetting.
Eggplants - Soil Resetting
Soil Resetting also suitable for strawberry cultivation
Soil Resetting also suitable for floriculture
Soil Resetting also suitable for bulb cultivation
Soil Resetting is also suitable for rose cultivation
Soil Resetting also suitable for lettuce cultivation
Soil Resetting also suitable for tomato and other vegetable cultivation
Soil Resetting is also suitable for tree cultivation
Soil Resetting is also suitable for cut flower cultivation
Soil Resetting also suitable for zucchini cultivation
Soil Resetting is also suitable for bananas (fusarium/TR4)
Soil Resetting is also suitable for cucumber cultivation
Soil Resetting is also suitable for carnation

For indoor and outdoor production all over the world

Soil Resetting is suitable for both greenhouse and outdoor cultivation. We are proud to be able to help growers all over the world; we have satisfied customers in Northwest Europe, Southern Europe, and the United States, among others. Flower growers in East Africa and South America and banana growers in Southeast Asia are also using Soil Resetting.
Baby leaf cultivation in Italy
Soil Resetting is also suitable for open field crops, including lettuce or bulb cultivation


Soil Resetting is easy to apply. You can do it yourself, together with your contractor or outsource it to SOILWISE. Whatever you choose, we will support you to do it in the best possible way. If you want to know more about dosage, duration of the treatment or other details, please contact us for a tailored advice.
Indoor application
Outdoor application

Technical Support

SOILWISE is deeply rooted in horticulture. From experience, we know that there is no such thing as a standard soil. Therefore, our hands-on team of specialists always starts with an intake and analysis of soil samples and soil diseases present. In this way we can provide you with tailor-made advice on how best to apply Soil Resetting in your specific situation. Whether you start it yourself or outsource it to us, we are on top of the whole process and provide guidance for the best possible results.

To familiarize yourself with Soil Resetting, our technicians also provide on-site support during implementation. In addition, we monitor and measure various indicators during the process, so that we have a good idea of how the process is progressing. This allows us to provide you with customized advice on when to complete the treatment.
Soilwise provides guidance and instruction in the implementation of Soil Resetting
It was impossible to continue growing because of Fusarium infestation. Solarization and even chemicals did not work anymore. Soil Resetting really worked for my situation. And SOILWISE really gave guidance and provided the right protocols.Read more
Thomas Ludwig
Flower Grower
Lubexflor, Spain