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Green Innovators - Soil-borne solutions

Our primary focus is to develop and market sustainable biobased solutions that improve soil health for global agriculture and horticulture. We serve a wide range of vegetable, fruit and flower growers, as well as breeders, propagators, flower bulb growers, banana plantations and farmers in high value agriculture.

What we do

We want to support growers and arable farmers by restoring and improving their soils in a natural way. In this way they benefit from better growing crops and thus higher yields.

In addition, we help landowners such as municipalities, provinces or states, ports, water boards, farmers, and land banks to naturally control invasives, such as Japanese knotweed, and restore soil biodiversity.

Our patented solutions are all-natural, biobased, and sustainable, and use classical biotechnology, including fermentation, in an innovative way. Innovation and knowledge sharing are our drivers. Therefore, we invest heavily in research and development, with the aim of sharing the know-how and solutions with our customers.

Why we do what we do

Traditional chemical crop protection is encountering more and more regulations and objections from consumers. On top of that, it affects the resilience of the soil, and more and more soil diseases and pests are insensitive to it. In short, we need alternatives.

Soil health and biodiversity are important issues in the global agribusiness because it is becoming increasingly clear that conventional agricultural practices and synthetic chemicals ultimately degrade the top layer of soil.

Healthy soil is an invaluable resource for reasons including capturing and storing water and carbon, increasing biodiversity, improving crop growth and yields, and thus increasing food security.

Growers and farmers are also aware of the value of healthy soil for the sustainability and economic viability of their business. Therefore, we are proud to support them by restoring and improving the health and resilience of their soils naturally, so that crops grow better, and yields increase.

Our history

The roots of SOILWISE lie in the Wageningen agricultural science community. In 2006, our founders (then under the name Thatchtec) came up with the idea of Soil Resetting and a new approach to controlling mosses and algae. In the first years, the focus was on product development, but by 2009 we were able to provide the first growers with solutions. That same year, we also received a patent for our innovations. In the following years, we further developed our two solutions, in co-creation with growers and in close cooperation with Wageningen University. This was an important basis for the success of the further market introduction.

After 2014, we commercially rolled out Soil Resetting to growers of vegetables, fruits, cut flowers and flower bulbs in the Netherlands and a few other countries. Since then, we have received very positive feedback from growers in different parts of the world. Our solutions have effectively eliminated soil-borne diseases and pests and improved the health of their soils in a natural way.

Innovation remains one of our driving forces, which is why we are constantly moving forward with new ideas. This has led to the introduction of Roots Reset, an innovative method for controlling Japanese knotweed and other invasives completely naturally. We are receiving enthusiastic feedback about this approach. We will soon be introducing new biostimulants to the market, which will enable growers to stimulate the growth of crops in a natural way.

Green Innovators - Soil-borne solutions

Nature has so many more solutions to offer growers and farmers; we are convinced of it. That’s why we focus our research on discovering and developing them.

We do extensive research in our own laboratory at the Agro Science & Business Park in Wageningen and conduct dozens of field trials with our growers.

We also collaborate with leading universities, including Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and international research institutes, such as CeRSAA in Italy, Adesva in Spain, Laimburg in Italy, Inagro in Belgium, and INRAE in France.

The people behind SOILWISE

Our team has its roots in both science and agricultural practice. We are a good mix of highly experienced entrepreneurs, C-level business managers, scientists, business developers, hands-on innovators, and young researchers, enthusiastically working on new sustainable breakthrough solutions and making them available for our customers.

Want to be part of our team? Get in touch with us via: info@soilwise.nl

Investors enabling our growth

BOX is a private incubator/accelerator of entrepreneurs investing in sustainable innovations that have the potential to make the world a better place.
Brightlands Venture Partners is an independent venture capital fund manager in the south of the Netherlands with a focus on renewable chemistry, health and agrifood.
Future Food Fund is a specialist venture capital fund that invests in early stage companies that change the value chain of food & agriculture. For founders, by founders.
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